Monument Bed & Breakfasts

Considering Monument’s quaint size, the town is not home to many bed and breakfasts, though its neighboring towns have plenty to choose from. When you are considering a night away from home in Monument, a bed and breakfast is a great choice. There are wonderful, relaxing bed and breakfasts in Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, and Cascade — all within a few miles of Monument. Fortunately, there is one perfect B&B in town!


Rogers Inn at the Pines
18750 Rogers Pine Grove
Monument, CO 80132


Rogers Inn at the Pines is one of the best bed and breakfasts in the area. Located in a part of town known as the “peaceful pines,” you will assuredly have a relaxing stay away from home at Rogers Inn. The rooms’ decorations are all inspired by various parts of Europe, contributing to the uniqueness of the B&B. Amenities at Rogers Inn include private bathtubs, comfortable beds, and modern conveniences like WiFi. Don’t miss out on the delicious gourmet breakfast in the morning. Eat in peace outside on the deck as you take in the beauty of your surroundings.